Hmm Embroidery.. What can I share..   It first started after school, in 1st grade, with a class.  I don’t remember much except the design was, (wait for it)  Holly Hobby.. Several weeks, sitting with 2 other girls (who really didn’t want to be there) and happily stitching away.   Then there was a long hiatus before the call of the needle was heard .  Cross stitch … I was pregnant and it called.  For several years I cross stitched my way through 3 toddlers.   Fast forward to present day..  I entered into the SCA ( Society for Creative Anachronism) and all of a sudden there was that familiar pull.  However, there was the need to make garb first, so the embellishments had to wait.   The call of the needle was heard once more, slowly building until I couldn’t resist.  The  following posts will show the journey as I re-acquaint and grow this wonderful and challenging skill.  

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