Needlebooks Galore

Jan 2013 our local SCA group had one of their yearly daytrip events.  A small group of women were asked to hold a special “Rose Tea” .  My friend and I decided to start a group that would focus on organizing luncheons and teas for small groups with in the SCA.  We call ourselves “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Teacups” .  It was important for me to show how much each and everyone of them meant to me as well as how appreciated they were.  I had been playing with blackwork when I stumbled on “German Brickstitch”.    
4 covers to the needlecases   finished needlebook
it wasn’t complete if you have a needle book you need somewhere to store them.. And the madness continues…
Off to the cigar store (they carry empty cigar boxes for a nominal charge and that money goes to the firefighters) picked up four boxes and went home.. ( okay so we also paused to see a movie)  Finally home ,  now what do I do with these.. 🙂
IMG_20130114_155405_090 IMG_20130114_155355_363
and we have boxes.. But wait there is more…. though the smell of cigars makes me think of my grandfather,  it really was not something that i wanted to pass on.. so one more addition.
IMG_20130124_124651_492   IMG_20130124_124747_590
I added a lavendar Sachet to the mix.  on the right you see a finished box ready to go to its new home.
In the beginning the pictures are sparse but at least there are a couple.. If an more appear I will add them.. 


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2 responses to “Needlebooks Galore

  1. Aspasia

    Excellent ideas.


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