Corset 2/3 Channeled.

This project has been a wonderful learning experience.  Using waxed linen thread does take some getting used to but once you do you will not use poly/cotton again.  The cost was very reasonable and the hand is wonderful.  Creating the channels on the back piece pins were used.  Due to the movement of the fabric that changed to basting all the layers together.  This worked and the end result was an evenly channeled product.

After posting this blog the question about zip ties came up again.. No, it is not wrong to use them,  it is just a choice.  Is it easier to use zip ties?  I have to say no.  You have the filing and sanding of the ends, if you go for the cheaper thin zip ties you will have to double them up to get the result you are looking for.  Again my fathers words ” Do it right the first time”  echo in my mind.  Yes it is taking longer to hand sew.  Yes I have to hunt and order the linen thread and reeds instead of running to Walmart.  But in the long run for me, it is the journey of creating this.

As the project progresses it comes to mind how did they do this with out using a strong light.  ( I have an Ott light). How did they find time to cloth their family.  They did not have the same sharp precise scissors, rulers and resources we do.. There is truly no right or wrong to how you choose to create your garb.  Whether you use zip ties or reeds the journey is what is important not the end result.  Don’t judge others encourage them to enjoy the journey.


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3 responses to “Corset 2/3 Channeled.

  1. waxed thread is a lot stronger than polycotton though/

    don’t underestimate thier scissors – I have a handmade pair a balcksmith friend of mine made me, and they’re a damned sight more lethal than any machine made pair


  2. A lot of so-called historically accurate ones that are made in india are not very good, but you get what you pay for – my craftsman made ones were fifty quid at mates rates.


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