Carry Along Project

Looking at the pile of project ideas there was an empty bag  to filll with a project.  This bag is always filled with small projects to  work on in the odd free moments of my day.  The next step in my smock is working on the sleeves that are larger pieces so it will not work as a Carry Along Project.   Cup covers have always been something lacking in my basket.. Hmmm   guess this would be a good start.. Finding a pattern was easy..

pattern for cup cover 12.2013

As you can see ACORNS…  Then, while digging in the stash that has accumulated, several linen napkins tumbled out of the the pile.  Perfect!!!!   Silk, what colors are hanging out in the basket… purple and green.. the evening gets better and better.. off to start.. cleaning can wait til tomorrow.. 
Here is a sneak peak of the colors!!!
purple and green progress here is the project:  Linen napkin, purple and green silk over 2 threads.. 

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