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Sew Many Ideas, So Little Time

For so many of us who browse the web and search continually for new inspiration we end up with so many ideas, dreams and to do lists, that at times it gets overwhelming.  As I sit at the computer today looking out at a gloomy day my mind is filled with the projects I want to start.  Pieces of fabric piled, embroidery thread  arranged, pictures printed out…  which to pick first, what project do I have all the pieces for.. do i start more embroidery ( the blackwork forehead cloth will take time so I need a distraction), what pieces do I need to finish.  
Last month was ” go through the fabric stash and thin out, wash, iron and refold ” month.. So now I just have to choose.  Lets see, Bliaut, Cotehardie, new doublet and skirt, hat????   Or could it be a pouch, needle case, embroidered box???  
As we fill our days with everyday things we should do, always remember filling our soul is just as important.  Carving out bits of time to create, just create anything, will help feed our soul and create a calm space.  In the next few days keep a look out for my new project choice and the beginning steps.  And don’t forget to be inspired to create that small bit of time for ourselves..  Enjoy!!

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Prototype dress and hat done

Finally finished my dress and got the basic underpinnings all gathered and it rained.  Here are pictures minus the feathers for the hat and the sleeves due to the rain.  Have the basics figured out and now for the real dress.  Need to pull out stash and see what I have to do the next one. 🙂


at MMM 2013 bee hat font picture. sir trud and I at MMM 2013


Plans for next few months: continue working on the embroidery for the new smock, cut and start shell for a doublet, learn about pad stitching and practice,  finish patterning and cutting a farthingale and finally do a second body using silk as cover.  🙂


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Welcome to my collection of Acorns/projects

As time moves on so do we.  As i was cleaning and consolidating my computer files it became apparent that i have been a busy squirrel.  Aug. 2012 my muse came back with a purpose.  Projects and the inspiration to do them became the norm.  It had been many years since a true whirlwind of ” I can do this” had picked me up and sent me on my way.. as I go through the pictures and notes I realized that to actually post my projects and my thoughts would be a positive reminder of what is able to be accomplished when you believe you can do it.. This process will take time as, yes, I am still working on projects..  It is my hope that maybe some of my projects will inspire as so many did for me.  

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