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Buttons & More Buttons

As boxes are slowly being put away, the pile of unfinished projects grows.  Early in my SCA adventure I beaded a sideless surecoat with a blue cotehardie for an underdress.   That project was entered it into the GW A&S  exhibition as a “work in progress”.  Now is the time to start the finishing work.  This started with buttons….   First challenge making the cloth buttons.   I searched the web and found several sites that have great tutorials.  The one I chose to use as a base is:   Making Cloth Buttons.
First I dug and found the fabric scraps from the dress, a chalk pencil, and a spool of thread:  ( the first pictures I used black fabric so you could see the marks)   Gather your tools:
spool of thread, marking tool, scissors and fabric scrap

spool of thread, marking tool, scissors and fabric scrap

Use the spool of thread to create your circle then cut on the line.  Next, thread a needle using a long piece of thread  ( I used buttonhole thread in a contrasting color for the visual if using regular thread use a double strand)  and stitch around the circumference far enough from the raw edge that the fabric will not fray.


gathering stitches

gathering stitches

Gently pull the thread to gather the circle in.  The edges should naturally tuck in but you may need to coax them a bit.  You will end up with a flattened circle:


after gathering

after gathering

On the flattened button, repeat the above step, stitching around the folded edge.  ( I forgot to take a picture of this step)  Firmly pull and shape til you get the button.


second gathering to bring it into the button shape.

second gathering to bring it into the button shape.


Take your needle and stitch across the opening using the gathering as a guide.. and Viola you have a button..   Leave a long tail  so that attaching to the garment will be easier.


Finished blue buttons wrapped around a thread  winder with one button started

Finished blue buttons wrapped around a thread winder with one button started

buttons drawn for cuffs..

30 buttons drawn for cuffs..

Making fabric buttons was easy and they match the dress.  Give them a try and see what you think.  The cost of pewter buttons for a cotehardie can be very high as you need sooooooooo many.  This is a great alternative and is also period.  Have fun!!




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A World in Transformation

The Past 7 months have been a whirlwind of change.   As the saying goes :

“When one door closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”  ― Alexander Graham Bell
For a couple of months I looked at the doors closing as an ending, my life frozen in place.  As the days and weeks passed i began to see all the open doors.  Stepping through takes courage, or the ability to just run and jump, but once you step over the threshold the world brightens.  
I am now in my very own home!!  Yes, I said mine not rented!!!  And, it has acorns and oak leaves in the wrought iron used on the front  patio and by windows. This house has an added addition of a “craft/sewing room”  that will stay that way.  Great windows with lots of natural light.  Plenty of space for all the toys and a very large closet.. 
My helper cats are loving actually having carpeting in the bedrooms instead of concrete.  I have a full kitchen ( all the drawers are there, there is a fridge and dishwasher, and most  no more bugs!!)  There is something great about owning..         
As the process to purchase moved forward I continued to embroider and sew.   Now that the boxes are mostly unpacked and the settling is finished I have time to refocus on my creative side.  In the next couple of weeks I will be posting those adventures.   
As time continues to move forward and more doors open it is my hope to inspire others to create.. Remember as doors close, turn around, there are others that have opened!

Now for a couple sneak peaks of  the coming postings:


wpid-20141020_135824-kdcollage.jpg wpid-20141020_134837-kdcollage.jpg



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Prototype dress and hat done

Finally finished my dress and got the basic underpinnings all gathered and it rained.  Here are pictures minus the feathers for the hat and the sleeves due to the rain.  Have the basics figured out and now for the real dress.  Need to pull out stash and see what I have to do the next one. 🙂


at MMM 2013 bee hat font picture. sir trud and I at MMM 2013


Plans for next few months: continue working on the embroidery for the new smock, cut and start shell for a doublet, learn about pad stitching and practice,  finish patterning and cutting a farthingale and finally do a second body using silk as cover.  🙂


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finished corset

The Corset is finished.  I am truly glad I did a prototype first as there are things I will do different for my silk one.  It was a great learning experience and I will post a more complete description in the following weeks.  but here is the  final product.Finished corset on dress form back view finished corset side view finished corset on dress form


So many small fixes to do to the pattern but all in all for my first totally hand sewn one i am happy.

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Moving along

the 29 eyelets are completed.. Learned many new things in the process.  Onto finishing the edges and then finished!!  Here is another sneak peak of how far I am..
sneak peak front side eyelets   
I hope to have it completed in the next day..  will post the completed project with the steps that I did. 🙂  

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Sneak peek of corset progress

It has been a few days.. I have been working on more of the hand sewing, cutting and placing the reeds.  Now on to the eyelets..   

beginning the eyelets

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Corset 2/3 Channeled.

This project has been a wonderful learning experience.  Using waxed linen thread does take some getting used to but once you do you will not use poly/cotton again.  The cost was very reasonable and the hand is wonderful.  Creating the channels on the back piece pins were used.  Due to the movement of the fabric that changed to basting all the layers together.  This worked and the end result was an evenly channeled product.

After posting this blog the question about zip ties came up again.. No, it is not wrong to use them,  it is just a choice.  Is it easier to use zip ties?  I have to say no.  You have the filing and sanding of the ends, if you go for the cheaper thin zip ties you will have to double them up to get the result you are looking for.  Again my fathers words ” Do it right the first time”  echo in my mind.  Yes it is taking longer to hand sew.  Yes I have to hunt and order the linen thread and reeds instead of running to Walmart.  But in the long run for me, it is the journey of creating this.

As the project progresses it comes to mind how did they do this with out using a strong light.  ( I have an Ott light). How did they find time to cloth their family.  They did not have the same sharp precise scissors, rulers and resources we do.. There is truly no right or wrong to how you choose to create your garb.  Whether you use zip ties or reeds the journey is what is important not the end result.  Don’t judge others encourage them to enjoy the journey.


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