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Sneak Peeks of Surprise Gifts..

Yes, I have been busy unfortunately my projects have been gifts.. This becomes a problem when trying to keep a blog updated.  Can’t let the surprise out.. but want to share what I am doing..  So here are a couple sneak peaks with the help of my assistants.
tired kitties after an evening of embroidery

tired kitties after an evening of embroidery

So as I sit and embroider I always have a helper or two.  🙂  here are the two sneak peeks..

sneak peak 1

sneak peek 1

and sneak peek 2


sneak peak 2

sneak peek 2

These are my most recent projects and are completed .  They will be posted after they have been  presented.  🙂

Hope everyone has had a productive month.  Many of my friends just attended GW ( an SCA war held in Mississippi)  I wish them all a safe journey home with tales of their adventures.  Time to plan for next year..

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